Track Record of Top Notches
Rank Holders in Board Examination
All of them have made us proud.

Success Story DAAC

We believe that coaching in small groups provides an interactive learning environment in Class,
and provides for individual attention to all our students.

Our Success story speaks volumes about our contribution in our students' career.
Students studying in DAAC come from various schools, to mention some popular names as - NPS Kormangala, NPS HSR, DPS, NPS - Singapore, Bethany Junior College, Bishop Cotton, Christ College, University of British Columbia and several other Institutions.

Year after year, DAAC has churned out students who have excelled in
CBSE / ICS / PUC Board in Physics and Maths. and secured a position / rank have contributed to our success story.

Many students have also made it through to the IIT JEE and other Competitive exams.

Today almost all of them have been successfully engaged by Multinational companies and have made a place for themselves in the International arena.

You too can join the band of rank holders and leave a success story behind ........

    • Vishnu Dasu                                 NPS-HSR, 2016
    • Vedant Kalbag                            DPS-East, 2016
    • Akashraj Murthy                       NPS-I, 2016
    • Shreya Jain                                    NPS-K, 2015
    • Paritosh Kapadia                       NPS-HSR, 2015
    • Pradyumn Kulkarni                  DPS-East, 2015
    • Srishti Sinha                                  NPS-I, 2014
    • Nikhil Ramesh                             NPS-K, 2014
    • Ilhaam Ashraf                              NPS-K, 2013
    • Amrutha                                          NPS-K, 2013
    • Nagarjun Reddy                         Bethany Junior College, 2013
  • Nayanika Dutta                              DPS-South, 2012
  • Kavanna R                                         Bethany Junior College, 2011
  • Rijutha Jaganathan                      NPS-HSR, 2010
  • Navneet V Saxena                        Bethany Junior College,2010
  • Madhurima Biswas                      Bishop Cotton School, 2010
  • Sarthak Sahu                                   Christ College, 2010
  • Lavanya Lanka                                NPS-K, 2009
  • Om J Bathija                                    Bethany Junior College, 2009
  • Rohan Palekal                                 Bishop Cotton School, 2008
  • Gayathri Gopinath                       Bethany Junior College,2008
  • Radhika                                               NPS-K, 2007

And Many More ........