All our students have made us proud

Our success stories speak volumes about our contribution to our students' career.

Year after year, DAAC has benefitted 1000s of students. Students studying in DAAC come from various schools.

• Students have excelled in Physics and Maths, and secured a position / rank in CBSE and ICS boards.
• Many students have also made it through to IIT JEE and other competitive exams, cracked SAT and other exams to study abroad.
• Almost all of them are studying in reputed colleges in India and abroad
• Many of our students from previous batches have been engaged by multinational companies and have made a place for themselves in the international arena.

This has been possible only because of the strong foundation laid down by Dr. Anita Arora.

Top Notches & Rank Holders in Boards
You too can join the band of rank holders and leave a success story behind ...

    • Vishnu Dasu                                 NPS-HSR
    • Vedant Kalbag                            DPS-East
    • Akashraj Murthy                       NPS-I
    • Shreya Jain                                    NPS-K
    • Paritosh Kapadia                       NPS-HSR
    • Pradyumn Kulkarni                  DPS-East
    • Srishti Sinha                                  NPS-I
    • Nikhil Ramesh                             NPS-K
    • Ilhaam Ashraf                              NPS-K
    • Amrutha                                          NPS-K
    • Nagarjun Reddy                         Bethany Junior College
  • Kavanna R                                         Bethany Junior College
  • Rijutha Jaganathan                      NPS-HSR
  • Navneet V Saxena                        Bethany Junior College
  • Madhurima Biswas                      Bishop Cotton School
  • Sarthak Sahu                                   Christ College
  • Lavanya Lanka                                NPS-K
  • Om J Bathija                                    Bethany Junior College
  • Rohan Palekal                                 Bishop Cotton School
  • Gayathri Gopinath                       Bethany Junior College
  • Radhika                                             NPS-K
  • Nayanika Dutta                            DPS-South

And Many More ...

You too can be one of those privileged students who aim to Study Abroad ...

  • Shreyas Srivastava – Computer engineering honors , University of Waterloo
  • Malvika Vasan – Design From Parsosn School Of Design, New York
  • Nikhil Ramesh – Physics and Computer Science at BITS Pilani.
  • Amon BK  – Law at Durham University, UK.
  • Shray – Computer Science  University of Washington Seattle
  • Devrath H.  Mechanical Engineering,  University of California San Diego 
  • Pranav Tadimeti Computer Science from IIIT Hyderabad
  • Rijutha Jaganathan – Doctorate from Denmark University
  • Anya – Environmental Sustainability, Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts
  • Deepannwita Sen – Senior Associate Consultant i IT MNC
  • Roshan Jinesh – Computer Science, PES University, Bangalore
  • Nawal Shetty –  Mechanical Engineering in PESIT-Bangalore.
  • Madhurima Biswas – Masters Degree in Statistics; Worked in Goldman Sachs India Pvt Ltd
  • Vishaal Subramaniam – Mechanical engineering,  Vellore Institute of Engineering
  • Smriti Ravichandran – Law  From Jindal Global Law, Sonepat
  • Paritosh Kapadia – Computer Science at PES University, Bangalore
  • Varun Vasudevan – working as  System Architect,  Honk Kong, Snapask
  • Antara Jha – Economics and Statistics, UC Berkeley

And Many More...

Success Story of Rijutha Jaganathan

NPS DAAC Student

Rijutha Jaganathan, a student of Dr. Anita Arora from the 2010 batch of DAAC, has recently been awarded a Ph.D in Physics from the Denmark University.
She dedicates all her achievements to Dr. Anita Arora.

Read what Rijutha Jaganathan has to say about her experience at DAAC and her journey beyond ...

“I was always interested in Physics but was beginning to lose interest in 11th grade as the syllabus was huge, the level was much higher than 10th grade and the teachers in school couldn’t spend time on the concepts as they were under pressure to finish the syllabus.

At that time, when I was feeling helpless, a few of my classmates suggested that I take Anita ma’am’s help. I joined her classes for 12th grade for both Physics and Mathematics. We were a batch of about 20.
Right from the first class I knew that I was going to enjoy the learning process. The way in which Anita ma’am makes the concepts clear is amazing. She uses the ideas we are familiar with to introduce us to new ones by drawing analogies. Even in the Math classes, we didn’t just solve problems by following a given method; we explored the ideas and tried finding our own methods to solve a problem. Wherever possible she connected Physics and Maths to give us an all-round understanding of both the subjects.

I really loved her unique style of explaining concepts; they develop a high level of confidence in the subjects and excel in their performance in the exams. The interactive nature of the classes makes it different from other classes. I learnt a lot from the discussions we had and the problems we solved together. The syllabus we cover in 11th and 12th grade is crucial for any further studies. It is important to understand the subject well. I am glad I attended Madam’s classes and got my basics right. I did well in the board exams too and scored 95%. Anita ma’am helped me regain my passion for Physics and also taught me a new way to learn Mathematics.

Thereafter. I went on to do my Bachelors and Masters in Physics. I wished to pursue a research career in Physics. After my Post Graduation, I worked in Tata institute for fundamental research (TIFR), Mumbai, from where I went to Denmark to pursue research in Physics, enrolled for doctorate degree and was finally awarded Ph.D. from Demark University. Anita Maam’s classes helped me do well in all the courses I took.

I thank you Anita ma’am for carving my life in and around Physics. This is my heartfelt gratitude towards my teacher and mentor”.

However, Rijutha Jaganathan is not the only one, but many many students of DAAC, owe their gratitude to Dr. Anita Arora, for helping them overcome the fear of Physics & Maths.
Her students are spread almost all over the world and are engaged in well-known multinationals.