Refund Policy


  1. Fee once deposited will not be refunded in any case, and hence DAAC will not be liable to make any payments.
  2. Annual fee must be paid in advance at the time of registration; this fee is applicable till the end of January for the current Academic year.
  3. The fee is charged for the total number of hours of teaching, irrespective of whichever subject is being taught during the scheduled duration.
  4. An extra fee will be charged if a student opts for help for competitive exams.
  5. Student should inform about his/her absenteeism the same day; in case the student remains absent for three consecutive days without information, his/her seat may not be retained.
  6. If a student is unable to attend the class, some help may be provided to him/her for the loss of studies, but only if prior information has been given by him/her; no compensatory classes will be conducted for the same.
  7. Absenteeism of students during school exams may delay the completion of the syllabus; therefore the student is expected to be regular in class.
  8. While every effort is made to impart the knowledge and understanding of the subject to the student performance in exams depends on the student’s aptitude and efforts.
  9. The decision about the days assigned for the subjects will be made by the Director, based on mutual understanding with the existing group.
  10. The final decision for Admission and Fee will be taken by the Director and will not be negotiable.