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Physics and Maths
XI and XII Boards - CBSE & ISC (2022 - 23)

Guidance to Undergraduates @ Indian & Foreign Colleges & Universities

(A Big Support for IIT - JEE)

Learn from the Subject Expert having 25+ yrs of experience​

Sharpen your Analytical skills & Critical thinking
Improve your Conceptual Understanding & Retention by extensive Problem solving techniques

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best coaching for physics in koramangala

Interactive Discussions
and Learning in Groups

Interactive Discussions
and Learning in Groups





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Physics & Maths Coaching

Director & Founder of DAAC, Dr. Anita Arora's rich experience of around 27+ years in running her coaching classes in Physics and Maths, put the classes at a major advantage and separates the coaching from the competition.

Our Students are mostly from —–>

Trusted by 1000+  Happy Students and Parents Our Students are mostly from NPS –  Koramangala, NPS – HSR, NPS – Indira Nagar, NPS – Singapore, DPS – South, DPS – West, Bethany Junior College, Bishop Cotton, Christ College, University of British Columbia, and many other Organisation.

Most of them have delivered outstanding result and secured Top Ranks in their Class and a position in the Boards.

Student Reviews

Review DAAC Student

Being in a country where getting into IIT is considered attaining salvation and the final goal; I too decided to pursue the IIT dream and enrolled in FIITJEE. However, a few classes in, I realized that absolutely no attention is given to developing the mental ability of the student and rather, placed emphasis on rote learning and memorization.

Thankfully, a senior recommended Dr. Anita Arora's coaching to me. DAAC has really changed the way I looked at education. Lively interactions, exhilarating debates on fundamental concepts we take for granted, and the strong camaraderie present in the classroom is unique only to DAAC. Ma'am's unique method of teaching by questioning really stood out.
I was no longer anxious before exams as I had a thorough understanding of the subject and was ready to answer any type of question, as my fundamentals were strong.

In short, to any 11th or 12th grader out there, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Anita Arora Ma'am's coaching. You will not regret it.

Regards, Shreyas Srivatsa

Parents Reviews

DAAC Students Mom

Hi Ma'am,
The last two years at Anita Ma'am's class has been wonderful for my son. Unlike other tutorials, where learning is more classroom oriented, Ma'am's classes are interactive sessions. Her way of teaching and questioning the students have made my son fall in love with the subject as the concepts are so well explained. In fact, he had never worried about memorising anything after attending Ma'am's classes. 
He enjoyed every class and would look forward for the classes. From the time he joined your classes, his overall performance has been consistently improving and he is confident about his grade 12 results.
Thank you ma'am, as a parent, I wasn't anxious but was confident that you have mentored him well to attempt the Boards with confidence. 
Also, since he has understood the concepts well, there was no need to enrol for tutorials for Entrance exams coaching classes as he is sure you have trained and practiced enough of questions for competitive exams.

Once again I thank you for mentoring Shreyas
Regards, Kanchana Srivatsa

Frequently Asked Questions​

Our Students are mostly from NPS –  Koramangala, NPS – HSR, NPS – Indira Nagar, NPS – Singapore, DPS – South, DPS – West, Bethany Junior College, Bishop Cotton, Christ College, University of British Columbia, and many other such Educational Institutions.
Almost all of the them have delivered outstanding results and secured Top Ranks in their Class and a position in the Boards.

The explanations and concept clearing of topics focus on the core subject and are application-oriented; once the fundamentals of the core subject are thoroughly understood and the base becomes strong, our students become exam-ready and confident of answering any type of questions, be it any Board exams (CBSE, ISC, PUC or any other board), Competitive Exams as IITJEE or exams on syllabi of  Educational Institutions Abroad. 

Our main focus lies in “No compromise on Quality Teaching, Subject concept clarity”. We provide Quality Learning to our students.
Dr. Anita Arora personally takes the Classes of Physics and Maths giving personalised attention to each and every student of DAAC.

Whether Online or Offline, the ideology and  teaching methodology in both the models, remain the same; we primarily focus on: “Innovative & Interactive Discussions”,  Analysis of core Concepts”, “Application-based orientation” and ultimately “Conceptualisation of the concepts” with no compromise in the quality of Learning.
 We provide highly personalised attention to each and every student and conduct regular doubt solving and Q & A sessions; we  emphasise on “practice-based learning and critical thinking,  rather than cramming or rote learning”.

Yes. Our classes are designed in a manner which helps students to learn Physics and Maths in an engaging and effective LEARNING ENVIRONMENT, with in-depth “concept understanding”, more practice oriented, tips, tricks and shortcut secrets.

DAAC is known for its unique teaching  methododology which falls in line with the new guidelines of CBSE & ISC.

Our prime focus has always been on “Concept clarity and understanding”, applying the concepts to  various real-life situations and establishing the interconnectivity between concept and related topics.

We help students in developing their  creative and critical thinking  of the subjects; students  apply this knowledge in answering questions presented in any format, be it MCQs,   reasoning based, or short /  long answers.

* Contact *
Dr. Anita Arora @ +91 9341239208

After 21+ yrs of successfully running Offline classes at Koramangala, Bangalore, KA (India),

DAAC switches to Online, Post COVID.
(Online location will soon be updated)

Presently, you may directly contact Dr. Anita Arora
@ +91 9341239208