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Reviews from our Student Alumni

DAAC Student
Isha Chinniah Valley School, Bangaluru

My review has no exaggerations, Anita ma'am has genuinely helped me so much over these past two years ! Thank you !
I began attending Math classes with Anita ma'am in the 11th grade. I was a hardworking student but never quite knew how to study the subject efficiently.
Anita ma'am reviewed my previous test papers and helped me identify all the concepts I was struggling with. She would then make me practice every type of problem in a particular topic until I ultimately became comfortable with all the concepts.
Anita ma'am had the ability to explain concepts in a manner that which was very easy to comprehend. When I struggled with a concept, she was very understanding and patient with me and made sure I understood it clearly before she moved on. She also provided notes that were very organised and helpful and I still use them to this day !
When Anita ma'am began teaching me, I was an average math student and would score 75-80% in the subject. But with her help, my scores steadily improved and I ultimately scored 100% in my ISC boards !

DAAC Alumni
Shruti S Kawale Bethany Junior College, Bangaluru

Ma'am's classes have always been fun and enjoyable. The curious discussions in class were illuminating.
The concepts Ma'am had explained in class are still clearly etched in my mind. I will not forget the experiment on diffraction
we conducted in class.
The classes have helped me understand the basics well, and really helped me with my entrance preparations.
Thanks Ma'am,
Shruti S Kawale

DAAC Alumini
Kirthana S Bishop Cotton Girls School, Bangaluru

Although I attended Anita ma'am's classes for only six months, I have learnt so much from her.
Ma'am helped me look beyond the subject. Her quality of teaching is simply excellent. Whenever she started a chapter, she begins with the root of the theories and concepts, instead of directly giving formulas. Although I was a slow learner, she was always patient and ensured I understood everything thoroughly, instead of rushing through concepts.
The classes were always enjoyable and interactive, and I often found myself looking forward to them. Her formula sheets and notes were especially helpful! She is also flexible with timings, and doesn't mind taking an extra hour of class to clear doubts, or teach difficult concepts.
Her constant encouragement and emphasis on practice brought out the best in students and helped us realise that we are much more capable than we think.
I am grateful to have found a teacher who is extremely passionate and dedicated to her work, and I can't thank her enough for all she has taught me, both inside and outside the classroom.

DAAC Alumini
Abhinav Karthik NPS (K), Bangaluru

Learning is not exam based . This is clearly visible in the way we learn at DAAC. We learn concepts to really understand them and in understanding them perform our best in exams.
DAAC is an open environment that allows all curiosity regarding the subject to be fulfilled . My two years here are the only reason I have an interest in maths and physics and the reason behind my good performance in boards and competitive exams.

NPS DAAC Student
Aadithi Arasu NPS (HSR), Bangaluru

The beginning of 12th grade was honestly a nightmare for me, and so was 11th grade.
Had I known about Anita ma'am's classes in 11th, I think life would've been easier in math classes in school. Going to Anita ma'am's classes made me realize that math wasn't just about getting the final answer and being done with the sum, but it's about understanding the problem at every step written, be it a one marker or a six marker.
In school, for me, getting a full six would be the aim, but when I joined class halfway through 12th, I realized that getting a full six is much easier when I sail through the sum smoothly, which I achieved only by way of logic and not mugging the sum.
By letting us not see the answer unless we were terribly stuck in the sum, she made us learn that the only way we’ll remember something is when we solve it on our own. I learned to value logic over blindly following methods.
Regards, Aadithi Arasu

NPS DAAC Student
Meera Harish NPS (K), Bangaluru

I joined Anita Ma'am's class in the beginning of grade 12. Her effective methods of teaching and group discussion helped strengthen my concepts.
Being a student that struggled with physics in 11th, Anita Ma'am helped in bringing out my confidence which helped me immensely while answering my school tests and the board exam.
The classes were always informative and fun. I'm forever indebted to Anita Ma'am for all her support and guidance.
Thank you Ma'am !

DAAC Student - DPS
Pranav Tadimeti DPS (East) Bangaluru

My experience in DAAC was an enjoyable one. The quality of teaching is excellent, and ma'am ensures that her students are very thorough with the concepts.
One of the best parts about the classes are that ma'am asks the students to explain what they have understood. This not only ensures that the concepts are strong , but also allows the teacher to gauge the student's understanding of a concept.
DAAC is ideal for anyone who requires a thorough and complete understanding of physics and math for classes 11 and 12. There is also allotted time for breaks after an intense session so that the students are fresh for the next session.
There is ample practice for all topics throughout the course of the year , so that the students are comfortable with all topics by the end of the year.
DAAC is the perfect place for any student who desires to do well.

NPS DAAC Student
Malavika Vasan NPS (K) Bangaluru

Good afternoon, Ma'am. Anita Ma'am's coaching really helped me understand concepts in both physics and math. I was able to overcome my fear of the two subjects and put in the time and effort to improve my grades greatly over the course of the year..
Ma'am's classes were filled with learning and understanding, and were focused mainly on strengthening our understanding of the concepts.
Our group discussions during the class hours gave us confidence to express our doubts and help others as well. But, the atmosphere of the classes still remained friendly and open. .
Although we were studying hard, we still had moments of fun..
I don't think I would have done as well in my 12th grade exams, if it weren't for Ma'am's incredible teaching. Although the classes weren't one-on-one, each of us found a unique, personal connection with Ma'am. .
Ma'am gave us individual attention when required, but also taught us to work with our peers. .
I will always look back on the year I spent with Ma'am with gratitude, appreciation and respect. I could not have done it without Ma'am's constant support and guidance..
Thank you, Ma'am.

NPS DAAC student
Abhinav Gopishetty NPS (K), Bangaluru

The classes (DAAC) held by Anita ma'am were extremely helpful in both, CBSE boards and the various competitive tests. Ma'am made it a point that we understand the concepts of every chapter in-depth so that we could solve questions in the best way possible.
The classes were extremely interactive which helped us express our opinions and ideas with our classmates so that all of us could have a better understanding of the subject.

NPS DAAC student
Megha Rajashekar NPS (K), Bangaluru

I joined Anita Ma'am's classes not at the beginning but in the middle of 11th grade ... mainly because I found it really difficult to manage the huge changes it had compared to 10th. .
Math and physics were never my favourite subjects but over time I learnt to like them only because of the way Anita Ma'am taught it to me.
The classes were really interactive and fun with better understanding of topics and have shown me a major academical improvement by the end of 12th grade which gave me the confidence to answer the final board exams with ease.

During the classes Anita Ma'am always ensured that our doubts were cleared before starting the next topic. I went from scoring 50% to 80% in a matter of months. I personally loved all the notes and formula sheets that Ma'am gave us for each chapter, they were very concise
and contained a gist of all the important things we needed to know. I can’t thank you enough Ma'am for all the support and guidance you’ve given me through these 2 crucial years of my life.
Thank you so much Anita Ma'am 🙂  

DAAC student - NPS
Surabhi Jain NPS (K), Bangaluru

Anita Ma'am''s classes were based on understanding of the subjects rather than textbook learning. This was extremely helpful and enabled me to solve problems with a logical approach. Both the Physics and Maths classes were very well taught and it was a good experience on the whole.
I enjoyed every class to the maximum.
Thanks Maam,
Surabhi J

NPS DAAC student
Antara Jha NPS (I), Bangaluru

Physics is a subject that becomes very difficult and abstract in 11th and 12th standard. The jump from 10th standard physics to 11th and 12th standard physics is very large.
But Anita Arora Ma'am made this transition possible. I would never leave a class without understanding a concept. Ma'am would make sure that no matter how small or big our doubt in a concept is, she would definitely clear it.
My fundamental concepts were built thanks to Anita Ma'am and I have her to thank for my fondness and proficiency in the subject.

DAAC student NPS
Amon BK NPS (K), Bangaluru

Dr. Anita Arora's classes are very educational in all aspects. It is the epitome of holistic learning. However, the most importance is given to conceptual learning.
In addition to this, the homework given daily re-enforces the concepts learnt during the day so at the end, each concept is perfected ensuring perfect learning.

DAAC student
Priya Radhakrishnan NPS (I), Bangaluru

I joined Anita Ma'am's math classes in 11th grade. My marks in school were very average & I was hoping to improve my performance. Her approach worked very well for me. She started each topic with a clear & logical explanation of the concepts which was not given in any of our books.
Doing this made sure we did not learn methods or formulas by rote, but understand the subjects thoroughly. Ma'am would also give us well planned homework ensuring we practised at home.
Closer to exams, the worksheets & sample papers done in class gave us the final push before writing our exams. I saw my confidence & abilities increase exponentially by the time my board exams rolled around & I was able to secure 93%.

DAAC student - NPS Bangaluru
Shray NPS (K), Bangaluru

I was always struggling with Physics. I joined class well into the middle of 12th and that's when the tables turned. I started enjoying and understanding Physics and that's the best part of Anita Ma'am's Coaching
I went from a 70% student to a 90% student and a huge part of that is because of Anita Ma'am.  

DAAC Student
Roshan Jinesh DPS (East), Bangaluru

The classes were all very effective because of Anita Ma'a'm's unique method of teaching. The students are allowed to discuss concepts among themselves. This helps to clarify doubts effectively.
I had been struggling at both the subjects for a while, but these classes helped to improve my understanding of the basic concepts.
With Anita Ma'am's help, I was able to score exceptional marks in Physics.

DAAC student
Neel Bhandari Greenwood High, Bangaluru

I started Anita ma'am's classes at the starting of 12th grade. Although I had missed some classes, ma'am made sure that I covered all the topics I missed by giving me extra classes.
Anita Ma'am makes sure we understand all the topics by asking us questions. It helped me perfect my concepts as well boost my confidence.
All-in-all, I benefited a lot by taking these classes.

DAAC student
Anya Valley School, Bangaluru

I was struggling with grasping concepts until I came here to DAAC.
Anita Ma'am not only worked on strengthening my basics but focussed on my weakness and it clearly helped me understand Mathematics better.
Thanks a lot Ma’am, I could never have done it, without your guidance, help and support.
Thank you ma’am once again for everything.

DAAC student
Simran Gupta NPS (I), Bangaluru

I was never a good student in math, but this mind block that I'll never be good was taken away once I joined classes here.
I'm looking forward to going ahead with this open mind that I have now for my liberal arts education in college.
The main reason why I loved the classes was because along with learning, there was a lot of flexibility regarding how concepts were taught, and most importantly, it was a lot of fun.
I went from a 30% to 80% within a month's time, and I have no one else to thank but Anita Ma'am t

DAAC student
Vedant Kalbag DPS (East), Bangaluru

Ma’am’s Class was a perfect balancing act between fun and focussed work, with loads of heated discussions on topics from our portions.
It was a LOT of help to me, and I honestly feel that I wouldn’t have been able to get the marks I did without Anita maam’s help.
On several occasions, ma’am was even willing to stay well beyond class hours to help me with difficulties and solve doubts, and this again was a LOT of help.
Towards the end, as our boards drew closer, she even let us come with the other junior batch to sit and solve papers and clear doubts. And her method of revision truly works wonders, I was struggling with certain topics in the month leading up to the boards and just by putting my faith in ma’am and following her instructions worked wonders.
I truly cannot thank you enough ma’am, for everything.

DAAC Student
Maithilee Shinde DPS (East), Bangaluru

Dr.Anita Arora's classes have been insightful and helpful in the one year I attended it. Here learning is a totally new experience, with every student participating in the discussion.
A fun way to learn and get help from a highly qualified teacher.
I highly recommend attending these classes They helped me achieve very high scores in both Math and Physics.
Thanks a million, Ma’am.

Review DAAC student
Vishnu Dasu NPS (HSR), Bangaluru

I joined Dr Anita's classes in grade 12 and found it extremely useful. Adequate time is allotted to all chapters and learning by rote is discouraged.
Teaching is commendable and the pace at which chapters are covered is slow, which fortifies concepts and strengthens the foundation. Overall,
I’m happy with my decision to join Ma'am's Coaching classes and would definitely recommend it.

Review DAAC student
Akashraj Murthy NPS (I), Bangalore

Dr. Anita Arora's classes was my first experience at a coaching class. I joined at a time when my marks in Physics and Maths were at an all time low.
Apart from explaining concepts in a clear , concise way, the environment for learning that Dr Anita creates, was of immense help to me. A typical class consists of a good amount of discussions and discourse with both the teacher and other students.
All these factors combined helped me to gain confidence and knowledge to do well in the board exams.
I convey my due respect and thanks to Ma'am for helping me in improving myself and backing me throughout.
Thank you Ma'am.

Review DAAC student
Ayush Saxena NPS (K), Bangaluru

One of the best ways of learning is to discuss about the topic. Different people have different facts about a topic.
In Ma’am’s classes, brainstorming took place about 80% of the time which helped us to remember via arguments and discussions.
This was the best part of the Classes, and I really enjoyed and benefitted from them.  

DAAC Student
Vansh Agarwal DPS (East), Bangaluru

When I joined the DAAC class, I was in a bad condition. It was 1st week of January and my 11th exam was 1 month away.
I had no hope left, and then the magic happened.
1 month of study and I cleared 11th. Class here brought me new friends and gave me hope.
Today I have made it in VIT and have got the course I wanted.
It all could happen because of the dedicated and consistent efforts of Anita ma’am she put for us. Thank you DAAC. I recommend the coaching very strongly.
I assure you that none will regret.

Review DAAC student
Paritosh Kapadia NPS (HSR), Bangaluru

Dr Anita Arora is one the most sincere and passionate teachers I have come across.
Her method of teaching is based on fundamental conceptual understanding, which is enforced through group discussions in the classroom and her clear and “easy-to-grasp” explanations.
She has made me appreciate Physics and Maths even more and helped me develop a sense of wonder for the subjects.

DAAC student Review
Ilhaam Ashraf NPS (K), Bangaluru

They say that a good teacher inspires hope, ignites imagination and instills a love of learning. And Dr.Anita Arora ma'am's classes did exactly that.
In an education system that is marred with rote learning and result oriented education, the importance of understanding has often taken a back seat.
As students, in our urgency to "do well", we often overlook the importance of understanding concepts and more importantly, enjoying whatever we study. .
It was here, in these classes that I found a huge emphasis given on conceptual learning, which to me as a student is very rare to find.
For someone who never really liked Physics as a subject, mainly because no one ever explained the basics to me, ma'am's classes were a huge eye opener. It was the first place I had been to where presumptions about concepts were not made.
An immense amount of time was spent by her in explaining the crux of every topic before even beginning the chapter in the text book. And the same went for other subjects like math. And that is a learning experience for which I am incredibly thankful to Ma’am.
The classes were not merely subject-oriented. Ma'am is a living example of discipline and dedication which is immensely inspiring.
In the time spent at her classes, I learnt that learning is not a one-way-process. As students, we have an equal responsibility that should manifest in hard work, discipline and dedication and there can be no two ways about that. And the support and encouragement I have got from ma'am for not only studies but also towards extra curriculars and the importance of striking a healthy balance between the two is something for which I will forever be grateful.
Ma’am, Thank you so much for everything 🙂

Review DAAC student
Deepannwita Sen Greenwood High, Bangaluru

Anita Ma'am has been my first coaching mentor for Maths and Physics; which became more than just compulsory school subjects. Her notes and explanations were color coded in red, blue and green ink.
Anita Ma'am believed in creating a strong foundation for any topic that she taught in these subjects. The rest would anyway follow as long as we were clear conceptually.
I wouldn't have been able to score mid 90%s in ICSE Maths and ISC Maths if it wasn't for her guidance and persistence in strengthening my foundation in these two subjects Ma’am trains to make her students think from all dimensions. It is beautiful how a teacher imparts knowledge as well as shapes an individual's personality. Well beyond my strong base in Maths and Physics, being articulate and to the point are my takeaways from her during our interactions in her coaching class.
Post ISC, I completed B.E. in Telecommunication Engineering from a reputed college in Bangalore; Post Graduate Diploma in Management from a renowned B-school in India with specialisation in Marketing and Systems.
Thank you for the most enriching coaching classes of my school life, Anita Ma'am!

Review DAAC student
Nikhil Ramesh NPS (K), Bangaluru

I attended Anita ma'am's coaching classes in my 11th and 12th grade for physics and maths.
The classes focused a lot on the underlying concepts behind what we were learning and we were exposed to many numerical problems, both of which proved useful in our 12th standard board exams.
I am grateful to Anita ma'am as her classes have deepened my understanding and interest in both physics and maths.
I am currently pursuing both physics and computer science at BITS Pilani KK Birla Goa campus as part of their dual degree program.
Thanks to Ma’am for guiding and mentoring us all the time and helping us in developing a strong foundation of the basic concepts of Physics and Maths, providing us tips and tricks to solve numerical faster, which I apply even today.

NPS DAAC Student
Rijutha Jaganathan NPS (HSR), Bangaluru

I was always interested in Physics but I was beginning to lose interest in 11th grade as the syllabus was huge, the level was much higher than 10th grade and the teachers in school couldn't spend time on the concepts as they were under pressure to finish the syllabus. At that time, when I was feeling helpless, a few of my classmates suggested that I take Anita ma'am's help.
I joined her classes for 12th grade for both Physics and Mathematics. We were a batch of about 20. Right from the first class I knew that I was going to enjoy the learning process.
The way in which Anita ma'am makes the concepts clear is amazing. She uses the ideas we are familiar with to introduce us to new ones by drawing analogies. Even in the math classes, we didn't just solve problems by following a given method, we explored the ideas and tried finding our own methods to solve a problem. Wherever possible she connected Physics and maths to give us an all¬ round understanding of both the subjects.
The interactive nature of the classes makes it different from other classes. I learnt a lot from the discussions we had and the problems we solved together. The syllabus we cover in 11th and 12th grade is crucial for any further studies. It is important to understand the subject well. I am glad I attended Anita ma'am's classes and got my basics right. It helped me do well in all the courses I took up thereafter. I did well in the board exams too and scored 95%.
Anita ma'am helped me regain my passion for Physics and also taught me a new way to learn mathematics. I went on to do my Bachelors and Masters in Physics. I wished to pursue a research career in Physics. After my PG, I worked in Tata Institute for Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai, from where I went to Denmark to pursue Research in Physics.
I thank you Anita ma'am for carving my life in and around Physics. This is my heartfelt gratitude towards my teacher and mentor.

Review DAAC student
Nawal Shetty Bethany Junior College, Bangaluru

Having chosen ISC for my 11th and 12th standard education, I needed a teacher to guide me through the tough concepts and theories.
At Anita madam’s classes she focuses on understanding the concepts and helps the process with real life application-oriented examples.
She believed in keeping a good relationship with her students which always makes it easier when it comes to clarifying doubts. She helped me achieve great results in both Math and Physics.

Review DAAC Coaching
Madhurima Biswas Bishop Cotton Girls School, Bangaluru

I had the pleasure of studying ISC Mathematics under Dr.Anita Arora from 2009 to 2011.
She is a very patient teacher who encouraged my curiosity and always made sure I had absolute understanding and clarity of any concepts she taught us.
She is also very open to questions and doubts and is willing to have conversations about the subject even beyond the syllabus.
Her method of teaching enabled me to do very well in my exams and I consistently scored above 90%. My confidence in her teaching abilities led to me enrolling with her during my BSc as well.
I highly recommend Ms. Arora's classes to anyone who enjoys deep diving into a subject and a well-rounded understanding of concepts.

DAAC Student
Smriti Ravichandran NPS (K), Bangaluru

I have been attending Dr Anita's coaching ever since I had been introduced to the actual core and fundamental concepts essential to form an understanding which would go miles in the years to come. It was the best decision, especially at a time when the board exam pressure and the competitive grind almost engulfed me.
The approach towards these subjects was more to do with actual learning rather than mere scoring well. In fact, the methodology used facilitated real growth so that each of us could attempt any question that would thrown at us!
The best part of attending her classes in such a concentrated environment was that there was one on one interaction and always room to get as much as extra help as needed with unprecedented patience. There was seldom a problem that would go unsolved and never a doubt left unclear.
I would and still do recommend Anita ma'am to anyone who wants to learn the subjects for what they are and a way of learning that would guarantee a clarity enabling one to score to the best of their abilities.

Review DAAC student
Vishaal Subramaniam Bethany Junior College, Bangaluru

It has been a good and rewarding experience with the coaching center. I really liked the one-on-one interaction with ma'am which is lacking in most other places.
It has a much more of a tailored approach to my particular weakness and also Anita ma'am is very approachable regarding doubts and queries, she has on more than one instance, extended classes to clarify or reiterate topics and this deep understanding of the base concepts comes in very handy in competitive exams.
I was with the center for two years and it helped a great deal in working through 12th by shedding a great deal of my academic workload.

DAAC student
Varun Vasudevan Bishop Cotton School

I was a former student of Ms. Anita Arora from 2010 to 2012 and had attended her classes in order to help me comprehend and master ISC-grade Physics and Mathematics.
Ms. Anita Arora is highly effective teacher who has complete mastery over her subjects which I believe is from years of teaching and from her long career in academia.
She firmly believes in building very strong fundamentals first before advancing onto more complicated topics when teaching her students. By effectively deconstructing examination patterns based on past examination question papers she has understood what is required for every student in order to succeed academically.
Her classes have also been fun to attend as she tries to keep a joyful and light mood. As a result of attending her classes and with the hard I work I put in, I have been able to successfully score above 90% in Mathematics and Physics as well as most of her students.
She has also taught and tutored many students to face the IIT-JEE examinations as well as the AIEEE in the past.
Ultimately, I believe that Ms. Anita Arora is the ideal teacher a student can have to not only prepare them for examinations, but to also effectively instill a passion for the subject material by having the acumen and expertise to understand every concept from the ground up and the patience, persistence and tenacity to conclusively engage and teach these topics to her students.

Review DAAC student
Devavrath H. NPS (HSR), Bangaluru

Greetings Ma'am, Going to Anita ma'am's classes really had an effect on my critical thinking ability. I always had an interest in cars and Mechanical Engineering but after going to her classes,
I understood everything differently and viewed my interests with a different perspective. ,
The whole of 11th grade portions seemed a lot different when compared to the school classroom after attending Ma'am's classes, as more time was spent on understanding than rote learning. ,
Our method of testing was more unorthodox as instead of written tests, we would answer conceptual questions helping us develop a critical mindset. ,
Further, the students there always added different perspectives. Instead of directly revealing the answers, Ma'am would help us get to the answer so by the end of 12th grade, we would answer all the questions on our own by the stream of logic. ,
Regards, ,
Devavrath H.

Review DAAC Student
Aranya Bhalla NPS (HSR), Bangaluru

11TH AND 12TH was like a roller coaster ride for me! The emotional stress and mental breakdowns, the pressure put by family and then teachers and your peers is no joke! I spent so much money on coaching and all in vain. I was trying to learn and mug up extremely advanced things when I was confused with the basics.
Thinking I could ace all my exams by running at the pace of the students in coaching classes and when I couldn't catch up, went into depression!
What is important is not the advanced syllabus and exceptionally hard and time taking numerical, its the basics, just with strong basics you can answer all those tough IIT and CET questions.
It’s never too late to start from fundamentals and that is what I learned after spending a year and half with Anita ma'am. Honestly by not going to those mainstream coaching institutes you can do way better than those who spent years there. .
I am saying this with personal experience.
Anita ma'am was always more than a teacher to all of us, she paid attention to each one of us separately, understanding each one of our weaknesses and strengths, and she pushed us so we could reach our goals. She always had a new way of teaching us!
Pre-college isn't easy but you need to have trust in yourself I'm so happy I could give you this advice as an alumina…….. .
Regards, Aranya

DAAC student
Uma Dhanorkar Bethany Junior College, Bangaluru

Some teachers just cannot be replaced; and what's tougher is to describe in words their exceptional talent to make all the students understand the concepts thoroughly. Anita Arora Ma'am is one such gem whose uniqueness in teaching is unexplainable.
Ma’am makes sure all the students have understood the basics and teaches in such a way that by hearting theory isn't necessary. The amount of efforts she puts into the students is highly commendable.
In my life span of 18 years, I haven't come across such a pure hearted teacher who's not only a disciplined teacher but also student friendly at the same time. She inculcates in us the determination, dedication and discipline to not only score high marks but also to develop a liking towards the subject she's teaching. Her tactics of teaching are interesting, fun, strict, helpful, all at the same time.
Joining DAAC was the best decision of my life and I'm proud to say this. It worked wonders for me and I'll always be thankful to Anita Ma'am.
Uma Dhanorkar

Review DAAC Student
Sasha Thomas Christ College, Bangaluru

Through unconventional methods, Anita Ma'am has made both Physics and Math classes zestful and interesting. Ma'am helped us understand arduous concepts through her exceptionally interactive sessions which encouraged us to think with logic and reason rather than in parrot fashion.
Despite being a coaching class the aura of these classes are friendly and affable. Highlights of the classes include individual attention, group discussions, collective problem solving and more.
Physics classes are specially helpful as each student's opinion is expressed thus supporting critical thinking. Ma'am helped me embrace the struggle in Math, making integration and other problems easier to solve. Ma'am's short cuts and tricks are specially handy in solving big problems.
Besides being a great teacher, Anita Ma'am is also a wonderful mentor, counselor and guide.
Thank You Ma'am.
Sasha Thomas

DAAC student
Apoorv Thapliyal Amatra, Bangaluru

Dear ma'am,
The first time I ever sat in front of you, I was nothing more than an average student who just copy pasted knowledge as learnt in books. But your classes have changed me completely as a person and as a student.
It isn't humanely possible to phrase, how Anita Ma'am’s teaching and guidance helps you to grow in all fields and aspects of education and your attitude.
Thank you so much for all your teachings and blessings ma'am.
They have helped me come a long way from where I've began.
Thank you Ma’am always.
Apoorv Thapliyal

Review DAAC Student
Shreyas Srivatsa NPS (HSR), Bangaluru

As 10th grade drew to a close, several of my seniors informed me that 11th grade is going to be arduous. It was after listening to these warnings that I decided to look out for coaching classes.
Being in a country where getting into IIT is considered attaining salvation and the final goal;I too decided to pursue the IIT dream and enrolled in FIITJEE. However, a few classes in, I realized that absolutely no attention is given to developing the mental ability of the student and rather, placed emphasis on rote learning and memorization.
Thankfully, a senior recommended Dr. Anita Arora's coaching to me. DAAC has really changed the way I looked at education. Lively interactions, exhilarating debates on fundamental concepts we take for granted, and the strong camaraderie present in the classroom is unique only to DAAC.
Ma'am's unique method of teaching by questioning really stood out. I was no longer anxious before exams as I had a thorough understanding of the subject and was ready to answer any type of question, as my fundamentals were strong.
In short, to any 11th or 12th grader out there, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Anita Arora Ma'am's coaching.
You will not regret it.
Shreyas Srivatsa

Parent Reviews

Review DAAC student's Parent
Mrs, Shonali Chinniah Isha Chinniah's Mom

Dear Anita Ma'am,
Here is my long overdue review... We first approached Anita mam, when my older daughter was in the 11th standard, and she attended a few sessions with her. My daughter then, decided to try and cope with the syllabus on her own because of the distance to school and because she didn't have a lot of time being a National level athlete. She did fairly well for her 11th grade, but slipped up a lot in her 12, and when her mid term exam results came out, she came to me and said she wasn't able to keep up.
I approached Anita Mam, and asked her if she would be able to help my daughter.... and despite it being the middle of her tuition session, she agreed to take her on and told me it was because she "saw a sincerity" in my child in those first few classes. And thank heavens for the same.
My daughter's own math teacher in school had lost hope, but in literally 3 months, Anita mam turned things around, she found the topics my daughter was weak in and focussed on those. She wouldn't hesitate to help outside of hours.... and she was always like a life line.
My daughter came through with shining colours and scored extremely well in her 12th standard ISC board exams. She got into an great college in America, and is scoring A's in all her subjects and has been given academic awards, become a student teacher, and is also one of the few select research students in her class.
All I can say is thank god for Anita Mam. If it wasn't for her, my daughter may not have met the requirements to attend the college of her choice.
My younger daughter, also had tuitions with Anita Mam. It was a bit different here as she was a week boarder in school and was home only on the weekends. She is a brilliant kid, but a perfectionist and hates to be corrected or ask for help. She wants to work on her own and get help only when she is stuck.
Anita Mam again went out of her way to do only weekend tuitions with her. She noticed that this my younger daughter worked very differently and adapted to her learning style and didn't push her with a lot of extra work, but was there whenever my daughter needed her. She worked her magic yet again... and my younger daughter just got her ISC Math results and scored 100%.
I attribute a lot of it to Anita Mam's magic.
Don't hesitate to have your child sign up for help - Anita Mam is amazing in what she does, not just is she a great teacher, she's able to assess the needs of each student and help them individually.
We are lucky to have found Anita Ma’am. Thank you Once again.
Shonali Chinniah  

Review Mom DAAC student
Mrs. Kanchana Srivatsa Shreyas Srivatsa's Mom

Hi Ma'am,
The last two years at Anita Ma'am's class has been wonderful for my son. Unlike other tutorials, where learning is more classroom oriented, Ma'am's classes are interactive sessions. Her way of teaching and questioning the students have made my son fall in love with the subject as the concepts are so well explained.
In fact, he had never worried about memorising anything after attending Ma'am's classes.
He enjoyed every class and would look forward for the classes. From the time he joined your classes, his overall performance has been consistently improving and he is confident about his grade 12 results.
Thank you ma'am, as a parent, I wasn't anxious but was confident that you have mentored him well to attempt the Boards with confidence.
Also, since he has understood the concepts well, there was no need to enrol for tutorials for Entrance exams coaching classes as he is sure you have trained and practiced enough of questions for competitive exams.
Once again I thank you for mentoring Shreyas..
Regards, Kanchana Srivatsa

DAAC student's Mom
Mrs. Sharmila Gangadhar Devavrath Gangadhar’s Mom

Individual approach, great advice, positive attitude. Always on time, ready to help, very easy going, intelligent and kind – all these qualities genuinely describe Anita Ma’am.
My son genuinely looked forward to his classes with Anita Ma'am and commented frequently on how much fun they were able to have, while connecting on challenging material.
We could not recommend a tutor more highly!! “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime!”.....Anita Ma’am’s coaching classes belong to the first category....
l being a parent who has experienced the negative side of coaching classes with my elder son decided not to make the same mistake with my younger child, so I made him join DAAC.
My experience with other coachings :
There are just so many teachers in so many floors. They even teach 6th students for IIT-JEE. This clearly shows that they want to earn money and quality education is not delivered here. They divided students into batches.
A01 (the best) to A06 (supposedly the worse). Now grading students based on merit and then determining class is only the start. The students of A01 got the best teachers and it progressively deteriorated as you move down to A06.
This is just an example.
We found no such differentiation among students at DAAC, and all were kept at par and each one felt motivated and all students excelled.
Thank you Ma’am for mentoring Devavrath.

Sharmila Gangadhar

Mrs. Meera Kapadia Paritosh Kapadia’s Mom

I had done a lot of research to find a good teacher for CBSE Physics and Maths for my son Paritosh (NPS HSR student).
I am blessed that my son has taken classes from Dr. Anita Arora and could complete it successfully with score of 95%. It’s all due to the guidance and support given by her throughout the year. This created interest in him for physics and is now willing to pursue Phd in Quantum Physics.
The biggest quality of her is, she gives focus on every student individually, identify his/her weaknesses and provide extra support and guidance wherever required.
This would not have been possible with the integrated schools which are unable to give personal attention.
Its beyond words, and all I can say is “Thank you Anita Ma’am”
Meera Kapadia

DAAC student's Mom
Mrs. Nalini Harish Meera Harish’s Mom

If you are looking for help in Physics and Mathematics and your focus is to understand the concepts, Dr. Anita Arora Coaching is the right place for you.
Dr. Anita Arora is an excellent teacher who teaches small batch of students. She is more than a teacher who merely explains facts - she facilitates understanding of the concepts and encourages all the students to collaborate and understand the concepts of Physics.
She stimulates their thinking and enables them to reach the solutions on their own. This helps them build confidence and deep understanding of the subject - which they can apply in myriad ways to their academic performance.
Since most of the students are from NPS or similar CBSE schools, it helps that she understands when there would be school exams and works around them.
I believe strongly that a good foundation will help students excel and Dr. Anita provides exactly that - a fantastic foundation on which they can build their edifice of understanding.
Thank you Anita Ma'am for your efforts in shaping my daughter's understanding.
Thanks and Regards,
Nalini Harish